Project Design

Project Description

NEST is a five bedrooms Wabi Sabi / Japandi style Villa sitting on a 1500sqm land. It is featuring a 30m infinity pool with river and jungle views. This project uses many organic materials to blend into the natural environment of Bali. The massive single structured sirap roof delivers an amazing feeling of space and luxury. In this project it was crucial to simplify everything as much as possible in order to focus on what truly mattered. The essence of Wabi Sabi is in fact to see beauty in imperfection and appreciate simplicity. The beautiful water ponds as well as the lush garden amplify the feeling of being one with nature which enhances the universal connection.


Bertrand Laine

Project Finish Date

June 2022

Innovative Solution

The relatively narrow but long land layout was the perfect canvas for a L-shaped building. The land defined the vision of this project and enabled us to use sustainable materials as well as solar panels to optimize efficiently the energy consumption. With a 12m elevation from top to bottom we could exploit the natural slopping of the terrain for rain water harvesting and water irrigation.

Design Approach

The mission for NEST was to create a project that could perfectly blend into the environment. The choice of a Wabi Sabi design style was in fact dictated by the essence of what Wabi Sabi is. As such NEST is featuring a DNA that embraces simplicity and humility.


Land slopping will usually bring some challenges into the design and realization phase of a project compared to a perfectly flat surface. However this challenge becomes an important creative drive in order to overcome planning difficulties as new ideas emerge to create an exceptional home.

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